You are welcome in my shop, for a free taste of the vintage 2002 of the Cuvee Elisee, Graves de Vayres wine.
Elisee Reclus, is a great french geographer, and the wine is a top amongst all wines.

The aromes of figues, black-currant and liquorice are very complex and the end of mouth is wonderful.

Really, the vintage 2002 is a worthy successor of its older year which are unfortunately no longer available.

I sell it in my shop for 11 ¤   the bottle, but 10,21 ¤   via internet.

Elisee Reclus


Marmalade of onion, original, with lardons, meadow mushroom, lemon and hazels, Marmalade of beer...
The cuvée Elisée, a lovely wine, from Bordeaux, called Graves de Vayres, which looks like a Margaux.

It has been elaborated in the honour of Elisée Reclus, founder of modern geography, and theorician of the anarchist movement,
Duck liver (Foie gras) "Aude Gourmande trophy"...
+ The Jam of Orange, according to the lovely recipe of Nostradamus.
+ The Syrup of Geranium, the Syrup of Mimosa, the Syrup of Violet, the Caviar of Artichoke, the Jam of Black olives with Truffles.

Exclusive to the Delices de Daubenton
We propose in our shop a lovely product : ThePoppy's syrup.
It can be used in a Kir cocktail, acording to the Provence tradition.
This very rare product is sold in our shop 8,69 ¤

In order to honour the White Graves de Vayres wines, i have decided to create a cocktail :

the Raspberry Poppy Graves de Vayres

For a glass of a white Graves de Vayres wine of 4 fluid ounces - the Chateau Pichon Bellevue and the Chateau La Chapelle Bellevue Prestige are lovely - pour 1 fluid ounce of Syrup of Poppy and 1 table-spoon of a raspberry jam without seeds.

I have choosen a jam without pectine, very tasty and made in the department of Loir & Cher. It honours the french soil.

Put all the ingredients in a shaker and serve fresh.

Are you interested ? You can order these products or pay a visit in my shop in Paris, "Les Délices de Daubenton". You'll be delighted ! 


Index card of the Jam of onion

The jam of onion is a gastronomic product from the land of Aude/France.
It is made of onions, xeres vinegar, butter, spices, and wine. Very original,the jam of onion can be served tepid or warm, in trimming of meats, fishes, vegetable's pastes, rice, or in bottom of sauce.

It may be tasted :
-Tepid or cold on grated toasts, canapes, sandwiches,
With cocktail snacks, foie gras, cold meats, pork butcher's meat and salads.
-Warm in degazling of sauces with foie gras, roasts, poultries, ducks, games, black pudding.
With some fishes, warm oysters, mussels...


We offer 5 varities of Jam of onion :


You shall fully appreciate the originality of this wondeful article of food with foie gras, in potted meat or cooked in a frying pan.
A lot of recipes perfectly comply with some flavours of this product, sweet and salty, oily and delicious (wingrab, roasted chicken).

With hazel-nuts

This speciality is preserved for many hours with some broken hazel-nuts.

Oily and finely perfumed, it is lovely with a roasted black pudding, a gizzard salade, a pork butcher's meat, also pheasant with mushrooms.

With lardons

Use it as bottom of sauce with young cocks and a roasted rabbit.
Delicious with some omelets, pastes, rice, green vegetables and brown potatoes.
Tepid, with an assortment of pork-butcher's meat.
What an original idea, at the end of a good meal with a tray of cheese.

With lemon

This typical recipe, slowly stewed with some carefully chosen peel lemons, will perfectly associate with hot oysters, roasted fishes in sauce, with prawns in a small skewer.
You also can taste it at cocktail time on slighly roasted toasts.

With edible mushrooms

These mushrooms which are cooked with the onions bring their natural flavours to this regional recipe.

Lovely with all meats and especially game and roasted duke.

Each glass bottle of 7 ounces is sold in our shop for 6,56 ¤.

Index card of the Lavender jam

It is a tasty product which smells nice "the Provence".
It is made of flower of lavender, sugar, and water.
It may be tasted with roasted toasts at cocktail time, and even at breakfast.
You may also cook it with fish, meat, and poultries.

Each glass bottle of 4 ounces is sold in our shop for 4,12 ¤

Index card of the Lavender syrup

It remarkably completes the lavender jam.
It is made of lavender, sugar, and water.
A few drops of this syrup, in a glass of water, constitutes a delicious and energyzing drink.
It finely flavours the salads, the rice, fishes, and is an original trimming for the pastes.

Each glass bottle of 16 fluid ounces is sold in our shop for 8,69 ¤

We shall offer you 10% discount in our shop, located in the 5th district of Paris.

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